WordPress Social Media Downloader Plugin v3.1.1

WordPress Social Media Downloader Plugin v3.1.1


This Plugin allows you to download media (photo , video & audio) from 22 popular social networks with one-click. Unlike other downloaders available in markets , this plugin allows you to create a fully customized “downloader website” because of the WordPress platform.you can choose a free template from WordPress Directory , install Elementor plugin to customize your template and simply insert WSMD plugin shortcode in your customized template and lunch your website.

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Yes, it sounds like

Yes, it sounds like the plugin you’re referring to is a media downloader for WordPress that allows you to download photos, videos, and audio from 22 social networks with a single click. It also provides the ability to create a custom downloader website using a free WordPress template and the Elementor plugin. By inserting the plugin’s shortcode into the template, you can launch your own media downloading website.

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Demo: https://www.codester.com/items/17496/wordpress-social-media-downloader-plugin